[Snort-users] Authenticating acid with Apache...

Frank Reid fcreid at ...691...
Sun Jan 26 11:17:03 EST 2003

Could it be the "Register Globals" variables setting in PHP.INI that's
not tracking the session?  I noticed that, at some point around PHP 4.06
or something, PHP defaulted to turning that Off in PHP.INI, and ACID
seemed to need that On.  Not sure what the current status is, but I
always toggle it on in PHP.INI as a matter of habit after a PHP upgrade.


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Tobias Rice wrote:

>I know this may be getting a little off topic, but I'm sure that some 
>of you may have encountered this problem. I am using Win2k/Apache 2x 
>with ACID. After setting up digest authentication for my acid 
>directory, it breaks acid (some links don't work, no graphs are 
>displayed etc...) ...
This is really purely an Apache Digest issue - not ACID. I've been using

Basic auth over HTTPS to protect our ACID installs for over 18 months 
with never any bother. You either have a misconfiguration - or an Apache

bug at work here...

BTW: one should always use ACID over HTTPS instead of HTTP - nothing 
worse than getting the results page from ACID setting off snort alerts


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