[Snort-users] Spade version 030125.1 available!

James Hoagland jim at ...47...
Sat Jan 25 08:46:02 EST 2003

Greetings all,

Silicon Defense is pleased to announce the availability of Spade 
version 030125.1.  The changes since the last release are:

+ fixed the packet cloning facility to resolve a bad interaction with
     steam4_reassemble that eventually lead to a segmentation fault
+ did some code and documentation de-tabbing
+ minor documentation reformatting

This is a recommended update for all Spade users.  As you can see, 
the main fix here is a fix to resolve a segmentation fault when 
stream4 reassembly was active. This should fix the problems some 
users have been having.  I tried this out for a day and a half on a 
test site and it seems stable.

As always, you can download this Snort add-on and read more at:


Best regards,

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