[Snort-users] Attention ALL Windows Users : Install Complete IDS Solution on Windows - Major Update v2!

Michael Steele michaels at ...155...
Wed Jan 22 12:49:03 EST 2003

To all Windows users of Snort:

Please read all the notices below.

Yesterday, with the latest released my documentation, I found several minor
to moderate buuuugs. If you have used that documentation please go back and
update with the newly released version.

New Stuff.....

I have completed the documentation for have creating a complete IDS solution
for Windows using Apache as the webserver.

Right now the documentation ONLY addresses installing Snort, IIS or Apache,
MySQL, and Acid.

Note: All support programs are cutting edge, so precautions are always wise.

Note: I will be addressing Snortsnarf in the very near future.

Note: This is a major rewrite of my previous documentation.

I would like to thank two very brave people for testing this installation:

Steve Konde
Robert Birkely

Also, great thanks to; Michael Davis & Chris Reid for porting this great
program, "SNORT"; to windows. The future of security :-) (Please, No flames)

Finally, the link:


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