[Snort-users] loading snort 1.9.0

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Hi John, I have had a couple files download from snort.org lately that came
in as .tar.tar - just rename them to .tar.gz which is what they should be.
They are a compressed file which is why winzip sees them that way. I'm not
sure why they change the extension on download.
You need to install winpcap on the machine. Download it from here.
http://winpcap.polito.it/ <http://winpcap.polito.it/> 
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I attempted to load vrer 1.9.0 for the first time yesterday. When I executed
it, the wpcap.dll file was missing. Where can I find this file? Also what is
a .tar.tar file and why does my system see it as a zip file? Please help!!!
John W. Baird Jr.
Program Manager
Tele-Tector of Maryland
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