[Snort-users] acid console issue

Dane Howard Gr8Dane2 at ...163...
Sun Jan 19 08:14:02 EST 2003

I don't think you will show any sensors until you actually generate some
alerts.  Acid pulls the sensors from the alerts it gets and since you
have no alerts, Acid doesn't know you have any sensors.  Try to trip
some alerts to each sensor.


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Im running the snortcenter console on my db box, and i select view
and i get the "sensor running" message in green and a Pid# 1862 ...
I went to the sensor box and wrote "ps -u root" to see my process list
and i
got a #1862 process named snort.. so that means that the sensor is up a
running  but in the ACID console i get 0 sensors..

Sensors: 0
Unique Alerts: 0    (   0 categories   )
Total Number of Alerts: 0

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