[Snort-users] win-ce 4

Gene Yoo gyoo at ...4371...
Sat Jan 18 10:52:01 EST 2003

Jacob Redding wrote:
>  Ok I have to ask the obvious; why? Snort is an IDS, a system that is
> designed to sit in a particular place for a set amount of time.
> Snort != Airsnort
>   as far as win-ce 4 goes, why not something like netsumbler or any other
> wireless sniffer. i guess I just don't see the practical point of
> this..
> -Jacob
> On Thu, 16 Jan 2003, Arley Carter wrote:
>>Has anybody looked at building snort for win-ce 4?  There are a lot of
>>network drivers that are built by default into the win-ce images.  Bluetooth
>>and cisco aironet are two that come to mind immediately.  The possibilities
>>could be quite interesting.
>>I've looked at this a bit and am interested in talking to others about it.
>>Arley Carter
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unless you want to use snort (IDS, as Jacob mentioned) as just a packet 
sniffer, what is the practical use?

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