[Snort-users] RE: Memory leak in 1.9.0?

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Fri Jan 17 13:02:04 EST 2003

The WinPCap FAQ also seems to indicate that BSODs can occur, and at least w/
my SMP Snort sensor, I've gotten one or two BSODs, esp. when I'm messing
around a lot w/ the Snort config and doing a lot of start/stop/restart of
the Snort process.  

Unfortunately, I am not aware of any other packet capture drivers under
Win32.  :{  Maybe raw sockets?!  

- Christopher 

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Thank you.

Yes, I was aware of the SMP issue with winpcap, which is why we are running
V 2.02.  All of the research we had done pointed to a time stamp issue with
the SMP configuration which has little or no consequence to us as a NIDS

Is there another packet capture method you are familiar with?


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Are you sure it's Snort that is causing the memory leak and not WinPCap
(Task Manager will not delineate the memory used by snort.exe alone vs
snort.exe wpcap.dll)?  

As you may or may not know, WinPCap does not officially support SMP
platforms (see http://winpcap.polito.it/misc/faq.htm#Q-15), so it's very
possible that WinPCap is the culprit, and Snort 2.0 will not solve your

- Christopher 

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