[Snort-users] snort & 8e6 Content Filter

Ricardo Londoño ricardo at ...7540...
Fri Jan 17 09:09:09 EST 2003

Hello List,

I have been running snort for quite some time.  Currently running 1.9.0.  I have a Nortel 8600 Switch and snort is on a mirrored port running ok.  The school district I work for recently purchased a content filtering appliance by 8e6 Technologies which functions very similar to an IDS in that it analyzes all traffic.  The 8600 can only have one mirrored port at one time so my solution was to uplink to a hub and connect both systems to the hub.  That seems to work for the Content Filter buy Snort stops capturing packets when I plug into the hub?  Does anyone have any suggestions?  The 8e6 People are looking into it but they think it should work.

thanks for any help!

Ricardo Londoño
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