[Snort-users] Snort outputing like tcpdump

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Fri Jan 17 05:50:06 EST 2003

check out output tcpdump in your conf file or -b on the command line


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Can I have Snort output all packets that it sees to sql is the same
format that tcpdump uses? 

Something like this:  
1.631114 -> TCP 17971 > 4891 [PSH, ACK]
Seq=1969621700 Ack=148993671 Win=13152 Len=84

1.636715 -> SNMP GET

1.636889 -> TCP 4891 > 17971 [PSH, ACK]
Seq=148993671 Ack=1969619212 Win=64400 Len=44

1.638593 -> TCP 17971 > 4891 [PSH, ACK]
Seq=1969621784 Ack=148993715 Win=13152 Len=236

I don't care about the payload just the raw stats. Any idea?

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