[Snort-users] win-ce 4

Arley Carter arc at ...8019...
Thu Jan 16 10:41:06 EST 2003

Yeah your right.  I meant airsnort for the wireless sniffing.  There are
also ethernet drivers built in by default in 4.x. One issue is how the
desktop win32 functions map over or are supported by Win Ce.  I think most
likely processor to try it on is the Intel strongarm. I think I'll try
building the win32 snort with the m$ visual c++  and see it if will make a
target for the m$ embedded visual c++ 4.0.  I know the resource files have
different formats.  I don't know, but I guess I'll find out if  the desktop
compiler will write out resource files that the embedded compiler can use.

If anybody has a better idea or info about the desktop win32 functions that
are supported by win-ce let me know.


Arley Carter
Tradewinds Technologies, Inc.              arc at ...8019...
Charlotte, NC  USA                             www.tradewindse.com

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