[Snort-users] snort on win2000 prof.

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I had the same problem.  On an older version (forget which) the default
setup was to install connections to mysql or mssql.  You probably need
to run the install again.  When you get to the screen that asks which
components to install, pick the minimum-I think it called it bare bones
or something.


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It sounds like you installed a Snort binary that has support for logging
to a MS SQL Server database -- this would explain the requirement for
the ntwdblib.dll.  

Unless you require MS SQL support, get a different Snort binary for
Win32 (e.g., one for MySQL or a barebones distro) or install the MS SQL
client on the Snort box.  Either of these will alleviate the problem
with the ntwdblib.dll.  

- Christopher 


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i downloaded the snort win32 binary and proceed with the setup. but when

i click snort.exe, its looking for wpcap.dll which i installed then. it 
now looks for ntwdblib.dll? 

is this really the way to install in on windows machine? 

virtually yours, 

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