[Snort-users] Snort Sensors + logging to MSSQL

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I wouldn't think it would matter to Snort where you log to as long as the
correct criteria:

1) Snort for MSSQL logging is used
2) In snort.conf the output database line are configured properly
2) Proper schema for the database has been setup on your remote MSSQL
3) Snort has an unobstructed path to the database
4) Snort runs without any errors.

I think this is all that is required.

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Thank You for the response,

Let me a bit more clear about what I am trying to describe.

I am trying to / have configured snort to log on to the MSSQL server which
sits on a 

WIndows System .  The DB has been configured with the proper schema . 

The only problem area is to get snort (residing on the Linux machine) to log
data/events to 

the WIndows MS SQL server.

I essentially am looking for some kind of bridge to get snort , log data to
the MS SQL 

I guess this info should be good enough.

Let me know if you have a solution.


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>:: I have edited the snort.conf file to enable the necessary changes to log
>:: to the MSSQL server.
>:: The SQL database has been configured and the necessary database had been

>:: created.
>:: Do i need to run/enable anything else in order to log to the SQL server?
>Nope.  In very simplistic terms:
>  1. Configure snort to log to MySQL
>  2. Configure your DB with the proper snort DB schema
>  3. Give the "snort" user (whatever you may chose to call it) permissions 
>     to write to the snort DB you configured in #2.
>  4. Let 'er rip.
>If you're asking why your setup doesn't work the way you expect, we're 
>going to need a bit more information to go on :)
>Cheers - Erick
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