[Snort-users] Snort

Christopher Biddle smjm1943 at ...125...
Thu Jan 16 05:35:06 EST 2003


I am currently doing a project on Intrusion Management and have decided to 
use snort to demonstrate the importance of this topic in monitoring traffic 
on a small network.  Could anyone offer any advice on how to go about 
setting this up.  I have decided to use a windows 2000 environment and have 
already downloaded all the files I need.  The problem I have is which 
machines to install the various programs on, I have read alot about snort 
installation on Linux but can't find much on windows.  Is the setup similar 
i.e. snort on one machine, MySQL on another etc.  Also are there various 
ways in which the wiring configurations can be done that prevent traffic 
flowing in 2 directions.

Any help will be much appreciated



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