[Snort-users] Snort Sensors + logging to MSSQL

shreerang vaidya shreerang at ...8006...
Thu Jan 16 04:20:03 EST 2003

Hi  Paulo ,

Thank You for the response.

DO you have any suggestions regarding pulling data of a MYSQL server sitting on a Unix host from a Windows system . We tried using myodbc but it does not work.

This is the path we would like to follow:

snort ---> MYSQL -----> some kind of ODBC provider to mysql ----> ADO to VB/ASP.

Hope to get somewhere with this.

Thank You,

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From: "Paulo Filipe Mira" <paulo.mira at ...5092...>
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Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 11:34:44 -0000

>Last time i checked, snort didn't have native support for MSSQL, and
>you had to let unixodbc handle the data. So first of all, you had to set up
>unixodbc. unixodbc itself needs a driver to be able to talk to MSSQL.
>I set up a driver called FreeTDS, which comes with a good set of
>utilities for communicating with MSSQL, including one called isql, which
>is a command line client similar to osql for Win. I was able to log on to
>the DB using isql, and issue some queries to the DB, and aparently all was
>working fine.
>The schema for what you are trying to do is this:
>snort ---> unixodbc ---> (some TDS driver) ---> MSSQL
>However, i was never able to make snort log data to the MSSQL DB:
>it failed on the very first query, when it queried the DB for the
>sensors' names. You should search snort-users' archives for my post
>to the list describing the errors i got. Search for 'mssql freetds'
>on the subject.
>All this was back in the 1.8.6/1.8.7 days, so things might have changed
>since then. I resorted to using mysql, and haven't tried MSSQL since then.
>Good luck, and let us know if you get somewhere.
>Paulo Filipe Mira
>paulo dot mira at soquimica dot pt
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>> Hi,
>> Hi 
>> I am running a couple of snort sensors on redhat 8.0 nodes . 
>> I need to log all alerts and data to a central server running 
>> WindoZe and MSSQL 2000.
>> I have edited the snort.conf file to enable the necessary 
>> changes to log to the MSSQL server.
>> The SQL database has been configured and the necessary 
>> database had been created.
>> Do i need to run/enable anything else in order to log to the 
>> SQL server?
>> Thank You,
>> Shree.
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