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The guide can be downloaded from http://www.superhac.com/snort

Use the guide.  I'm Linux challenged and had no problems setting up a box as
the SnortCenter console and as a SnortCenter agent using the above guide by
Steven Scott.  

To answer your question about adding the sensor in SnortCenter...
eth0 should be configured with an IP address
eth1 should NOT be configured, just enabled

SENSOR IP=address of eth0

Interface name to sniff=eth1

It's all on page 20.

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:: I'm using the database box as a sensor, I finished the first phase
:: configuration...
:: and I started configuring phase II ...when adding the box as a sensor for
:: the snortcenter console, what IP/port  should i use as the sensor IP?

Saul, I'd be happy to come over there and fix all this for you.  My
consulting rates are about $110/hr.  It's becoming pretty apparent that you
can't figure this out on your own.  In fact, I'm questioning whether you
are actually reading any of the messages people on this list are sending

Again, without fail, the answer to the question you're asking is IN THE 


See the section where it describes the "host" parameter?

Saul, seriously, read the docs.  They have the answers.  You haven't asked 
a single question on this list that hasn't been answered in the appropriate 

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