[Snort-users] script file

Cesar Andres Navarrete R. cesanavr at ...7421...
Wed Jan 15 12:07:07 EST 2003

Hi, when you untar and ungzip the snort.tar.gz file, you can find the 
script to create the database at the contrib directory,  it is called 
Just be sure to create the database before you execute the script.

The line would be like this.

mysql -u snort -p snort < /var/tmp/snort-1.9.0/contrib/create_mysql

There go my 2 cents.

Saúl Bósquez wrote:

>I need the script file to create the data base.. but the link on the manual
>seems to be dead.. can anyone send me the file script?
>The database tables need to be set up. We accomplish this by running the
>create_mysql script. This can be found in the CVS tree at
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