[Snort-users] Pass rule sometimes does not work

Erick Mechler emechler at ...7719...
Tue Jan 14 08:30:04 EST 2003

:: I have a web server that allows use of the CGI calendar feature on some of
:: the web sites. I wrote a pass rule that should allow the traffic to not be
:: picked up but every so often I get an alert from one of the allowed
:: addresses. Does anyone know where I should look to troubleshoot this issue?

Check out Section 3.13 of the FAQ.  It might explain why your rule doesn't
do what you think it should.  http://www.snort.org/docs/faq.html#3.13 If
that doesn't answer your question, send us the relevant rules and we'll see
what we can find.

Cheers - Erick

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