[Snort-users] Snort..conf?!?!? Please help!

larc larc at ...1187...
Tue Jan 14 03:10:05 EST 2003


Your not the first one with this problem, but I don't really know why it doesn't work on some systems. I would suggest to copy the cgi directory from the new beta version over the agent cgi dir.

if it then still doesn't work you can try the new management console and see if it works then.

Stefan D.

 "Paul Clements" <paul.clements at ...7878...> wrote:
Hello all.
>I'm a newbe so you will have to bare with me!
>I'm running Snort 1.9.0, Acid 0.9.6b22 on Mandrake 7.3 and recently 
>decided to install snortcenter 0.9.6. I have had no problems with the 
>snortcenter  and the Acid plugin installation on my reporting box and 
>everything seemed OK with the installation of the snortcenter sensor 
>agent (famous last words!)
>Using the sensor agent : I can log in and view system info with no 
>problems but when I push the rule file it names it snort..conf instead 
>of snort.eth1.conf! thus the sensor comes to a grinding holt because 
>it's looking for a file called snort.eth1.conf!
>The settings for the sensor in  Snortcenter clearly has the word "eth1" 
>in the "interface name to sniff"  section of the sensor properties box.
>If I rename the the the snort..conf to snort.eth1.conf and restart the 
>sensor it works fine but every time I update a rule I have to rename the 
>What am I doing wrong?
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