[Snort-users] PHP version 4.2.3 rpm not there on redhat site

Saad Kadhi saad at ...4401...
Mon Jan 13 23:11:01 EST 2003

[wrap your lines please]
On Tue, Jan 14, 2003 at 05:44:19AM +0530, Atul Shrivastava wrote:
> Can anyone give me the link for the rpm of php version 4.2.3 or greater than that because on the redhat ftp site, it is not there. I am expecting any reply soon. Thanks in advance.

in case you didn't notice, this is a snort mailing list and  not  a  php
one. php feats a fair amount of mailing lists and newsgroups.  for  more


you can also seek redhat help  on  redhat  specific  mailing  lists  and
newsgroups. for more info:


however, and though it is not a snort-related question  (at  least,  not
directly [1]), the snort-users community  is  friendly  enough  that  it
already answered the question you are asking:


the above link indicates where you can get the source rpm for php  4.2.3
so that you can build your own binary one and roll it.

a bit of homework is expected from you and any  other  poster.  it  will
save  your  time  and  ours.  using  google,  a  popular  search  engine
(http://www.google.com), and requesting  a  search  with  the  following
  php 4.2.3 RPM Redhat

returned 6740 results. the fourth result being "Edwin's RPM for Red Hat
7.2/7.3/8.0". after clicking on this link and spending 15 sec approx, I
found this:

it's up to you if you trust enough Edwin and his self-made RPMs.

and while we are at it, do me a favor. do  read  this  _excellent_  post
from Erek Adams:


[1] my goal is not to argue on this but  rather  to  show  the  original
    poster that our community is rather forgiving for (even slightly) OT
    questions. so let's _not_ start a thread on this please ;)
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