[Snort-users] snort doesnt configure

Matt Kettler mkettler at ...4108...
Mon Jan 13 16:56:01 EST 2003

Well, for one you could confirm if the file 
./src/detection-plugins/Makefile.in exists. (note: if it's not obvious, 
this should be the src sub-directory of where-ever you untarred snort in)

Perhaps some other information might also be useful
What version of snort are you un-taring? where'd you get it? what command 
did you execute to un-tar it? etc.

At 08:58 PM 1/13/2003 -0300, Gustavo Panizza wrote:
>when I do configure the message is sed: cant read
>./src/detection-plugins/Makefile.in : no such file or directory. and 
>others like that. at the end.
>My diist. is SuSE 7.1
>what can I do?
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