[Snort-users] snort kill -HUP error openpcap

Sébastien Desse sdesse at ...7985...
Mon Jan 13 07:44:05 EST 2003


A saw a lot of dicutions about this topic but no one correspoding to my

I launch snort 1.9 from /etc/init.d/snort script - NOT chrooted (On a debian
woody box)
When I run # kill -HUP `cat /var/run/snort_eth1.pid`
snort stops, start reloading and I get the following error :
snort: FATAL ERROR: ERROR: OpenPcap() device eth0 open: ^Isocket: Operation
not permitted

The problem is (I think) that I use -u snort -g snort options because I
whant snort to run as snort user.
I don't understand why it can start sniffing with snort user identity but it
cannot reload with this ID !

Any idea ?



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