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Set the $portscan_file variable in acid_conf.php. From the Install Guide
	[OPTIONAL for Snort portscan pre-processor support]
	o $portscan_file  : full path to a Snort portscan log file

However, this requires that the ACID system have access to the portscan.log
file. this can be achieved near-realtime via cron jobs that collect those
via SCP and append them to a master file on teh ACID station.

As another option, you can change the action of Snort from 'alrt' to 'log'.
This will force each portscan event to show as an alert along with all the
rest, but beware, I've had major issues with how it sends the alert not
allowing me to list by IP and have the portscans be listed properly.


John Hicks

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I have setup an "Snort Enterprise Implementation".  I used the
documentation prepared by Steven J. Scoot. (http://www.superhac.com) I
have set up the two linux servers, one acting as a server for ACID,
apache, MySQL Database, and SnortCenter, the second linux box is setup
as a Snort Sensor only.

I have been seccessfuly in setup the two servers and see events being
recorded for the fields TCP, UDP, ICMP  of the Analysis Console for
Intrusion Databases (ACID); however, the precent for Portscan Traffic
remains at zero ACID.

The snort sensor server show data being recorded to alert and scan.log

Does anyone have any insite as to what I may have missed in the
configuration to cause the Portscan Traffic to remain at zero.
Greg Adams

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