[Snort-users] re: invalid timestamp with time zone error

Michael J. McCasland mjm at ...7530...
Sat Jan 11 09:21:02 EST 2003

I have latest snort-stable running on alpha redhat 7.1 with Postgres 
7.3.1 libraries. I am connecting to a Postgres 7.3.1 backend running on 
IA32 redhat 7.3.
When an alert is sent to the DB I get an invalid timestamp with tim zone 
error. I cannot access the event table. I have tried the upgrade to 
7.3.1 and even turned on the postgres option to use 64 bit integer 
timestamps,. Was running on PSQL 7.2.1 without the 64bit timestamp and 
had the same problem. I believe This may have something to do with the 
way snort uses the postgres libraries to write the timestamps. This 
error message seems to be caused by using a invalid (pre 1970) julian 
date or what I thought was a 64bit timestamp rather than 32bit. Being I 
compiled bolth the client libraries and the back end to support 64bt 
timestamps I am now wondering if snort running on alpha is handling the 
timestamp incorrectly.

Please advise, I wish I could throw the alpha servers over the nearest 
bridge but, My client is sentimentally attached to them (probably has to 
do with the high price tag they used to have).

-Any help would be appreciated,
Mike McCasland

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