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This (single machine) design will *work*, however, there are security risks
you should understand before making that choice.

 The most important is that with anything exposed, there is a chance it will
be compromised (no matter how well you secure it). If that machine has your
database, it could give attackers access to that information making it
easier for them to craft an attack targeted at your site (including perhaps
information about your network from other probes, how your system responds
to specific stimuli, details about your logging, etc. etc.)

If you can split the functionality, you can more easily reduce this risk.


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Im runnin' Redhat 7.3 on a Compaq proliant server and Im trying to
install snort 1.8.7 on it. 
On the setup guide in the conceptual IDS topology section, there are 3
sensors and a centralized acid, mysql database. 
If i'm only using one sensor maybe would be easier to have the sensor
and the database on the same machine and deploy it outside the
firewalled network. What do you think guys?

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