[Snort-users] SnortCenter 1.0 beta releas

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Fri Jan 10 01:38:02 EST 2003


I guese the problem is that you are using the snort db and not an separated db for snortcenter.
The table 'iphdr' is from snort and has nothing to do with snortcenter.


 "Slighter, Tim" <tslighter at ...5174...> wrote:
I recently downloaded all the required elements and followed the
>instructions completely.  However, I am getting an error about
>snortcenter.iphdr table not being found and that the database may not be
>complete.  I tried the documents suggested method for creating the tables
>and i also tried sourcing the script but neither way worked.  any ideas?
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>Hi all,
>Today I have released the beta version of the new SnortCenter v1.0.
>There is changed a lot since v0.9.6:
>SnortCenter uses 'Rule Templates' what makes it more easy to manage multiple
>sensor and have an up-to-date ruleset on all your sensor by just one command
>Now you can manage one or twenty sensor with just a few clicks.
>Let me know what you think about it,
>Stefan Dens
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