[Snort-users] 2GB limit?

Javier Liendo javier at ...7920...
Thu Jan 9 11:33:08 EST 2003


because of the configuration you mentionend you are
using the ext3 filesystem and afaik that's a limit
imposed by the filesystem iteself: no file can be
bigger than 2GB. i used to have a hogwash process that
crashed everytime the log file grew more than 2GB
long...hope it helps...



--- Sammy X <sammy7887 at ...131...> wrote:
> Has anyone else run into any problems where logging
> in tcpdump format stops once the log file reaches
> 2GB?  I'm using Snort 1.8.6 (Build 105) on a Redhat
> 7.2 box with kernel 2.4.7-10.  My libpcap is the one
> the came with Redhat (0.6.2-9).  From what I've read
> so far, it looks like the problem is with libpcap
> not having been compiled with LFS.  Any
> thoughts/suggestions?  Any help is greatly
> appreciated!  Thanks in advance.
> Sammy
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