[Snort-users] Snort and Win32

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I don't currently use either of these -- primarily because I've no time to
deal with configuring a web site to handle either of these utilities.
Instead I plan to use the MyODBC or MyOLDEB drivers to allow Crystal Reports
or MS Access (sssshudder...) to run reports off of our MySQL database.  


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Another question,
For those that use snort on a Windows platform and also use IDS Center to
configure snort, what's the program of choice for viewing the logs???
SnortSnarf or ACID?


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The problem is not with Snort; it's with WinPCap.  Specifically, all
versions of WinPCap after 2.02 disable themselves with they detect a SMP
platform (see http://winpcap.polito.it/misc/faq.htm#Q-15).  
I too had this problem on a dual-PIII, and I reverted to using Snort 1.8.6
and WinPCap 2.02.  Though WinPCap does not officially support SMP platforms,
at least this version of WinPCap does not disable itself.


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Hello All, 
I've installed snort 1.9 on a Windows 2000 Advanced Server box running 
dual-PIII. I've also installed IDS Center. I went through the config 
sections and set it up with no errors. When I click on the test button I 
receive the following error: 
|> IDScenter test console <| 
Initializing Output Plugins! 
Log directory = E:\Snort\Log 
Initializing Network Interface 
ERROR: OpenPcap() device  open: 
        Error opening adapter: Overlapped I/O operation is in progress. 
Fatal Error, Quitting.. 
I installed the WinPcap latest version 3.04? (I think). Looking through 
the archives, the best answer I found was that snort cannot run on 
multiple processor machines. Is this correct? Any other thoughts? 

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