[Snort-users] Question about alerts and Windows environment

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At least with both Snort 1.8.6 and 1.8.7 for Win32, the '-A' option does
work (at least w/ the binaries I obtained from the snort.org web site).  

When I first started using Snort, I used only the "-A fast" or "-A full"
command line parameters to generate alert information to the alert.ids file
in my log directory.  The command line was something like:  

    snort.exe -c "D:\BIN\Snort\snort.conf" -l "D:\BIN\Snort\log" -A fast -h -i 1 -y

I also use IDScenter to monitor the alert.ids file and generate e-mail
messages when alerts occur.  

I've recently switched to using MySQL as the repository for the Snort log
information.  My command line is now like:  

    snort.exe -c "D:\BIN\Snort\snort.conf" -l "D:\BIN\Snort\log" -h -i 1 -y  

That is, no more '-A fast', and my snort.conf file now also has three output

    output alert_fast: alert.ids  
    output alert_syslog: LOG_AUTHPRIV LOG_ALERT  
    output database: log, mysql,  [snip]  

I still get the alert information logged to alert.ids (for use by
IDScenter), and I also noticed that, at least with Snort 1.8.6 for Win32,
the "alert_syslog" plugin generates output to my local Application Event

Hope this helps,  


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Hi Christopher,

Thanks for the reply, my understanding is that with the Win32 port of snort
the -A option does not work. I did try that and to no avail.


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Are you using an alert output plugin in the snort.conf file?  If so, then
yes, '-E' will disable this alert output.  

Instead, specify an alert output via the command line (e.g., '-A fast', '-A
full', etc.) or, as I just found out (the hard way), the 'output
alert_syslog ...' plug-in under Win32 (at least for Snort 1.8.6) sends its
output to the Application Event log.  You could always try this and drop the
'-E' command line parameter.  


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I am testing Snort on Windows XP and would like to be able to log alerts to
the alerts file in my log directory and also in my Windows event log. Is it
possible to do this? I am using the snort command line '-E' which sends it
to the event log, but it stops loggin to the alert file.

Thanks for any insight, 

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