[Snort-users] ACID/MySQL multiple database performance question

Crow, Owen Owen_Crow at ...2639...
Wed Jan 8 07:51:08 EST 2003

This probably has a simple answer that I've missed somewhere, but I can't
find it.  I have a MySQL server with two Snort database.  One's schema 105
for 1.8.x sensors, one's 106 for 1.9.x sensors.  I have a separate install
of ACID for each database.  

On the newer database with < 5K events, clicking back and forth between
pages takes about a second ("Home" to Today's unique alerts and vice versa).

On the older database with >800k events, clicking back and forth between
those two pages takes almost 3 minutes (176s at last count).

If I start a query on the old, slow database then a query on the new, fast
database, they both take about 3 minutes.  To me it seems pretty obvious
that the second query is waiting for the first to finish, but I would have
thought that MySQL would have more parallelism than that.  Am I just being
naive or did I miss some setup in MySQL?  Looking at top on the server
during the query, there is just one process taking up 100% CPU.

I've attached a listing of my server variables in case there's anything
obvious I'm missing there.

Owen Crow
Systems Programmer (Unix)
BMC Software, Inc.
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