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Wed Jan 8 03:50:06 EST 2003

hello snort user,

you could use the mysqlhotcopy command to copy your database:

mysqlhotcopy -p=<password> --allowold snortdb SnortAcid

this command copy the database snort to a new db SnortAcid (created if
necessary). You must use --allowold because mysqlhotcopy will abort if
target already exists. You could also use --keepold (try mysqlhotcopy --help
for signification). Beware that the SnortAcid database will be lost on each

after the hot copy, you must also delete lines from the snort database:
for example:

---------------------- (not tested !!!)

for i in "acid_ag acid_ag_alert acid_event acid_ip_cache data detail
encoding event icmphdr iphdr opt reference reference_system schema sensor
sig_class sig_reference signature tcphdr udphdr'; do
	echo "delete from $i;" | mysql -D snort -p <password>

---------------------- (not tested !!!)

put this two commands in a shell script and add a cron entry to run it every
2 days.

Hope it will help you.


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Hello Snort Users,

I've set up an Snort system on linux. I use MySQL to store the data from
snort a; nd I use ACID to analyze this data.
But when snort runs a few days, the database is very big and acid runs only
very slowly.

I want to store the data only for eg. 2 days in the database. If the 2 days
are over, then the database should be copied to snortAcidOld and a new
database named SbortAcid should be created. Have you any idea how I can
solve this problem in this or any other way?

I'm looking forward to your answers!

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