[Snort-users] To hub or not to hub

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Tue Jan 7 17:12:02 EST 2003

Other than fishing around in the HTTP GUI interface on your 3300 switch, you
could try the following command to see if it supports a Roving (3com lingo)
or SPAN (Cisco lingo) port.

First do a             SHOW MODULE all             to see what you're
working with.

I haven't touched a 3com switch in years, but one of the following could
perhaps get you headed in the right direction.

SET BRIDGE_PORT slot.port monitor enable

SET MODULE slot.1 analyzer local_port port

SET MODULE slot.1 system_analyzer enable

Just my 2.0134 cents worth (tax included)
Scot Wiedenfeld

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First, thanks to all for the answers...
The main reason I didn't want to Span the ports is that I don't know how to
do it, or if there would be any consequences on doing so. We use 3Com
3300's, I'll check the documentation.
The hub seemed the easiest... but I read conflicting information.
Thanks again

anthony  scott,
workstation administrator

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