[Snort-users] Re: SnortCenter: Problems with Init Script and SSL

larc larc at ...1187...
Tue Jan 7 02:04:06 EST 2003


The error in the boot script is solved in the next version.

The SSL problem is because you are using a curl version >7.9, from version 7.10 curl try to check to cert with a CA. I fixed this also in the next version, so for now downgrade to curl 7.9.x

If someone is interested in the SnortCenter 1.0 beta, I can send you the URL to download it.

Stefan Dens

 dr.kaos <dr.kaos at ...4970...> wrote:
>I'm having two issues with SnortCenter, and, having seen similar 
>questions/issues posted to this mailing list, I'm hoping that someone 
>here will have answered/solved them since.
>During configuration of the SnortCenter Agent v1.6 on a stock RedHat 
>7.3 install (following Steven Scott's excellent documentation), I 
>receive an error when the setup script attempts to install the 'atboot' 
>init script. The error message reads: "Script was not run with full 
>path". See earlier message posted to this list, "RE: [Snort-users] 
>Trouble with SnortCenter Agent" from 2002-11-20 15:05:34.
>Ignoring the lack of an installed initscript, upon execution of the 
>SnortCenter Agent, attempts to connect to the Agent via the SnortCenter 
>console (via curl) produce an error message on SSL connection attempts: 
>"certificate verify failed". See earlier message posted to the list, 
>"Re: [Snort-users] FW: Snortcenter-agent installat" from 2002-11-22 
>Any information from those who have either duplicated or solved these 
>problems would be welcomed :)
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