[Snort-users] To hub or not to hub

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Mon Jan 6 15:36:02 EST 2003

well I think if u don't wana mirror a port on the switch then u have only
one obtion regardless if using a hub a good idea or not...!

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Hi. I am going to initially deploy one Snort box on our network. I want to
place it right after our firewall to detect anything getting through.
We have an all switched environment and I do not want to do any spanning (at
least initially). I read two documents on Snort's web site, one said a hub
was fine, one said a hub was a bad idea. I like the idea because it would be
easy to plug and unplug the snort box without disrupting traffic. 
I would also like to use the box for a sniffer, ala Ethereal.
Thoughts, feelings, ideas?

anthony  scott

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