[Snort-users] problems starting snort

Alberto Gonzalez albertg at ...7909...
Sun Jan 5 18:27:06 EST 2003

Did you give user 'snort' ability to write to /data/snort/log ?

Also, try running it without '-D' (remove daemon mode) and see what 
types of errors you get, or you can
just tail /var/log/daemon to see what the errors were. I'm currently 
running it on a OpenBSD 3.2 system myself
without any problems as the user/group snort. You probably just missed a 
simple step. Bye!

    Alberto Gonzalez.

Greg wrote:

>I am attempting to get snort running on an OpenBSD 3.2 system. I compiled snort
>1.9.0 with no problems, and attempting to start snort using:
>snort -c /data/snort/conf/rules/snort.conf -u snort -g snort -dev -l
>/data/snort/log -i fxp1 -D
>I have created the user and group 'snort'. fxp1 is an interface running at
>autosense, both on the switch and on my server. When I run the above command to
>start snort, I don't see anything running when I do a 'ps -ax'. Does anyone have
>any idea what I could be doing wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I
>should also mention I have a couple other systems running an identical
>configuration and everything is fine with those systems.
>Thanks in advance,
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