[Snort-users] Deprecated Plugin API

Frank Reid fcreid at ...691...
Sun Jan 5 14:58:04 EST 2003

Thanks, Andrew.  You had me going there removing one after the other
attempting to locate it!  :)  Thanks.  I can live with the warning, as
long as I know why.


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Frank Reid wrote:
> When I test my configuration with Snort -T, I get a "WARNING: 
> Deprecated Plugin API..." message.  My snort.conf only has enabled 
> those active plugins in the distribution etc/snort.conf, with the 
> exception of the MySQL database logging facility.  Is that the 
> deprecated plugin?

Those are mine.  I updated the CVS code to not print the messages (for 
now).  They went in while I was working on revising the plugin system 
API.  Of course, other tasks have caused me not to finish the changes, 
so *all* of the output plugins use the "deprecated" API.


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