[Snort-users] Snort Syslog Alerts on Win32

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RE: [Snort-users] Snort Syslog Alerts on Win32you can, just do it on the
command line, which also trumps anything in your config file tho, just do
this, along with the rest of you options for snort.conf and log dir and
such, for some reason i always need to add the port on it as well, all of my
sensors go to a remote syslog server or two.
jsut use your regular snort command line and add -s ip.add.re.ss:port at the

snort -s host.ip.add.ress:514
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  Unfortunately, there is no syslog daemon on the WinNT4 Snort box -- only
on the other server.  :{  I was hoping that like Cisco and other network
devices I could direct the syslog messages from Snort to another server.


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  I think you'd need to do this in your syslog daemon.  You can make it easy
on yourself by making snort log to 'Local1' if you'd like.

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  I would like to configure Snort (version 1.8.6 running on a WinNT4
  box) to send Snort alerts to a syslog server on another WinNT4 box.
  The "output alert_syslog" is pretty straight forward, accept I am not
  sure of how to direct output this to another host???  The docs I have
  do not specify any "host=" option.

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