[Snort-users] new user

Don Weber Don at ...5881...
Fri Jan 3 14:44:05 EST 2003

>Help please getting the following

>C:\SNORT>snort.exe -v -i2 -c c:\snort\snort.conf -l c:\snort\logs
>Initializing Output Plugins!
>Running in IDS mode
>Log directory = c:\snort\logs
>The following are my entries in the config file
>var RULE_PATH c:/snort/rules
>My rules are in the above folder, I am running w2k

i'd suggest first, getting rid of that annoying background thing for any
list that you post to.

for snort, where is the actual snort.conf file, is it located under in
c:\snort, make sure it is in the location you tell it to look for it at on
the command line, and the var rule_path, i think for win32 you need the
other slash, as in c:\snort\rules


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