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Fri Jan 3 09:04:04 EST 2003

Well, I've done some testing, and my config does not work.  Specifically I'm
using the ftp 'pass wh00t' rule.  Using -Q does not alert, not does it drop
the packet (as I still get logged in).  Leaving off the -Q generates an
alert (even though the rule says drop, it still alerts) but does not drop.

Rich Adamson said that this wouldn't work correctly, and I'm beginning to
believe it.  It's quite likely that I've made a mistake in my setup, and I'd
love to get some help from someone who has this working correctly.  At the
moment, however, I'm inclined to go look at the flexible response...

Please, fellow inline users, post your config steps so we can compare notes.

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Don't you have to put something like below to get all the packets?

iptables -t filter -A FORWARD -j QUEUE

Last time I used snort-inline (was very long ago..), I put the above
line and it worked nicely..

On Thu, Jan 02, 2003 at 10:52:28AM -0600, Bob McDowell wrote:
> I have no 'official' documentation as of yet.  I'm still feeling around in
> the dark, searching for answers.  I can, however, share with you the
> undocumented) steps you'll need to take.  Maybe someone from the list can
> correct my mistakes.
> 1)  Get the iptables source and re-compile it into the kernel src, with
> enabled:  make install-devel KERNEL_DIR=(your kernel source dir)
> 2)  Then compile your new kernel with that option.  You will have to
> 'Experimental code' as well as 'Userspace queuing' in your 'make
> step.
> 3)  Get and install libpcap
> 4)  Get and compile snort-inline - './configure --enable-inline'
> 5)  Change one of the included rules from 'alert xyz' to 'drop xyz'
> 6)  Run snort with the -Q option
> If you get no errors, you are now as far as I am...
> As I've stated, I'm have issues with logging.  With the -Q option passed
> snort, it does not log anything at all.  I suppose it may not even be
> working at all, but at least I've quieted all the errors.
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