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I havent written such a thing, the closest thing I wrote was using libipq on linux to process packets in user space, I programmed it to block http traffic that doesnt have a GET or post REQUEST, although this is easily worked around, it was just done for demonstration for a company I worked for. unfortunately I did not keep the code .anyway, I am working on ACID-XML for unix, and the xml parsing is done, including the packet payload so you might find this useful when I release it.

Good luck to you

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  In the Name of the Dearest

  Hi My Friend;

  I'm completely aware of all you said and I know how to program to gain what I want. The thing I wanted to know is that any body here knows, or has written such a handy script that makes all the things go well. I'm not going to invent the wheel for the second time ;).Please tell me if you or any of your friends know about such a program or script.


  Mahdi Kefayati

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