[Snort-users] WinSnort and MSSQL Problem

Majwabu, Richard RMAJWABU at ...1612...
Wed Dec 31 05:31:01 EST 2003

This conversation caught my eye, just curious if any of you guys have been able to compile snort 2.0.6 with MSSQL support on Redhat 8.0, if yes I would very appreciate tricks to the trade or a compiled build would be good, thanks in advance.

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 Pretty interesting.. I'd be very happy to hear about your results w/ 
MSSQL vs. MySQL under ACID. Of course you could always try MySQL v4 
performace also
Please post if you ever get the *bug* worked out <<pretty bold statement 
about NOT having ANY bugs >>


 Brice Burgess - iCEBURG

Uso wrote:

> With 2.1.0 I get that weired MSSQL error  with 2.0.6 I don't.
> If it makes you happy: "Snort does not have bugs, never had and never 
> will
> have any".
> (that doesn's solve my problem with 2.1 but 2.0.6 will have to do at the
> moment) or I switch back to MySQL instead of MSSQL (which was also 
> working
> fine on 2.1, just wanted to see if MSSQL is any faster with ACID then
> MySQL).
> So, sorry if you got offended by mentioning the possibility that snort 
> might
> have a bug.
> Wish u a happy new year.
> regards
> Uso

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