[Snort-users] CyberKit 2.2 Ping, its driven me Nuts..

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Tue Dec 30 07:55:19 EST 2003

I have found this rule to be extremely valuable in terms of finding
infected hosts. Yes, it is difficult to track down all of the cyberkit
alerts, but the trade off is much worse; an infected network. Our network
permformance was severely affected when the Nachi/Welchia worm was
released. The cyberkit rule (in addition to firewall logs) helped us
identify the infected machines so that they could be removed from the
network and cleaned. I don't really want hundreds of thousands of pings
traversing our network looking for machines to compromise.


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On Dec/29, Chris N wrote:

> Ok, I have had enough of this "CyberKit 2.2 Ping." How are some of you
> dealing with it? Do you just ignore(pass), log every one, or go and try
> shut the offending hosts down? Although, trying to shutdown all the
> offending host could be a daunting task, since there are so dam many.

             I just switched that rule off. I couldn't bear it anymore O:-)

Roberto Suarez Soto
 Alfa21 Outsourcing
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