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My guess is that you're using a switch instead of a hub.  What's the


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> Hi Snort-users,
>   I have had to resort to using a hub between the ADSL Modem and
>   router. So my network looks like this now:
>   Modem
>   Hub
>   (Snort Listening here)
>   Router / Firewall
>   Remainder of network
>   With this setup, snort seems unable to log anything at all. I have
>   been to several scanner sites and nothing is logged. What should I
>   set the HOME_NET variable to in this config? (Is it my global IP??) Is
there any other
>   settings I need to change? The interface snort is plugged into on
>   the machine is eth1, which is activated on bootup, and snort states
>   it is listening there in promiscuios mode. It does not have a IP
>   associated with it, the RedHat config tool states this interface is
>   inactive, but I assume that this is as far as Gnome is concerd, and
>   it is active as far as snort is concerd. Am I right?
>   I realise that there is no local IP's in this config, as snort is
>   listening before the NAT translation takes place, but at least I
>   will have some idea of what is hitting the firewall.
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