[Snort-users] heavily switched networks

Stewart Larsen slarsen42 at ...1457...
Tue Dec 23 18:39:01 EST 2003

I've looked into this ad can't seem to find an answer I like. Perhaps
I'm asking the wrong question.

Suppose I have a network consisting of a gateway which goes into a
firewall.  The connection from the firewall goes into a switch which
leads to another level of switches. some of these machines are servers,
some are workstations. None of the switches have port mirroring (SPAN

I understand how to set us IDS at the gateway with a stealth interface.
My question becomes, how do I effectively monitor the network.  If I put
a tap before each switch, I will not be able to monitor traffic between
2 machines on the other side of the switch, correct?

do I have to run  a snort sensor on each server? On each workstation?
Ideally, I'd like to have one sensor for each segment without having to
basically throw away existing hardware and get SPAN switches.

Stewart Larsen

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