[Snort-users] Snort, SuSE, Novell and Ximian

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Sun Dec 21 18:53:01 EST 2003

I'm not a Novell employee but I am an MCNE so I'm also quite interested
in getting Snort running on SuSE.  I've typically done Snort/MySQL/ACID
and SHADOW on RH7-9.  I suppose getting it running on SuSE wouldn't be a
big deal but I haven't tried that yet.
Say, you weren't in the firewall track at SANS in D.C. in July of this
year were you? 

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Is there anyone on this list that is an employee of SuSE, Novell or

I would like to see if there is an interest in pulling together Snort
knowledge and resources. 

Please respond to me directly. 

Thank you, 

Tom Fulton
Sr. Systems Engineer
Novell, Inc.
San Jose, CA
Office: 408-961-2031 

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