[Snort-users] Re: [Snort-devel] Snort 2.1.0 + Solaris issues

Jeremy Hewlett jh at ...1935...
Sun Dec 21 11:28:03 EST 2003

On Sun, Dec 21, Erek Adams wrote:
> *  Grab the latest CVS version.
> *  unpack it && cd <snort_dir>
> *  sh ./autojunk
> *  ./configure
> *  make
> --At this point you _may_ get a failure.  It would look something like
> this:

Adding some more details for the curious as to why it may... On
Solaris boxes I've seen this on, they're using GNU binutils. Forcing
the use of the system ar/ranlib/ld and friends, or not having GNU
binutils at all, this problem doesn't appear.

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