[Snort-users] MYSQL Error

Dan Ferris dferris at ...9997...
Fri Dec 19 15:51:02 EST 2003

Has anyone found the cause of this type of problem yet:

Dec 19 16:42:49 napoleon snort: database: mysql_error: Duplicate entry 
'1-48' for key 1 SQL=INSERT INTO event (sid,cid,signature,timestamp) 
VALUES ('1', '48', '9', '2003-12-19 16:42:49-07')

I've noticed many people asking over the months about what causes this 
error and nobody has ever responded.

I've been seeing this in my logs all afternoon and its getting quite 

Snort version is 2.1.0 with Schema 106.  Database is Mysql whatever 
comes with Red Hat 9.


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