[Snort-users] W32/Yaha-Y Worm

CGhercoias at ...8619... CGhercoias at ...8619...
Thu Dec 18 12:28:05 EST 2003

This worm is quite 'old' --
I believe this is a worm also known as WORM_YAHA.AF, W32/Yaha.y at ...7059...,
W32.Yaha.AF at ...4138... and many other names, which have started to spread in the
wild sometimes in November 2002.

Here is a removal tool --

You can easily write your own signature using the 'specs' on the
Symantec web site. Just use the keywords published there, set the rule
to listen just for traffic on port 25 towards your mail server.

alert tcp $EXTERNAL_NET any -> $HOME_NET 25
( sid: 1000027; rev: 1; msg: "W32/MSBLAST Worm ANY"; content: "|00 01 6D
73 62 6C 61 73 74 2E 65 78 65|"; offset: 0; depth: 2; reference:
T.A; classtype: trojan-activity; priority: 1;)

Open it in a Unix machine(or windows but disconected from network and
with the antivirus shutdown) in hexadecimal mode and copy few
hexadecimal values and paste them in the content space of the rule you
want to create.

Catalin Ghercoias 
WEB/Network Security Administrator 

website: http://www.fye.com 

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Subject: [Snort-users] W32/Yaha-Y Worm

has anyone seen a snort rule posted yet to look for the new W32/Yaha-Y
worm that is in the wild? And is there one to implement if a machine
infected?I need to implement it on all of my snort boxes. ANY help would

Jeff Bendure
Network Consultant
Reliance Technical
jbendure at ...10787...

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