[Snort-users] Weird stuff when compiling snort w/ MySQL support

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Wed Dec 17 15:41:03 EST 2003

Never mind folks ... my apologies ... I answered my own question by
uninstalling the default MySQL distro with RH9, and installing from






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Hi there:


I know I've done this before successfully ... but I cannot for the life
of me figure out what is going wrong here.  Givens:  RH 9.0, all
appropriate patches/updates, MySQL distribution that comes with RH 9.0,
Snort 2.0.5 tarball.  MySQL is running fine - database and tables have
been created.  Snort will compile with the appropriate switches


./configure -with-mysql=/usr -with-openssl -prefix=/usr/local/snort


And make/make install of course do not have problems.  Adding the
following lines to snort.conf:


output database: log, mysql, user=nickdanger password=***** dbname=snort


When attempting to fire up Snort, it complains that it hasn't been
compiled with MySQL support.  ???


Any ideas?




Michael Chapman

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