[Snort-users] ACID - PHP

Mike Koponick mike at ...7385...
Wed Dec 17 14:30:00 EST 2003

Hello all,

I'm using RH 9.0 and am having a bit of trouble. I'm getting the
following message when trying to graph charts. I have reinstalled
everything (PHP,JPGRAPH,HTTPD, etc) and am at a loss. I have compiled
PHP with the --with-gd, except that it complained that it needed to a
directory, which I gave.

Checking for graphing lib in '/www/htdocs/jpgraph-1.11/src/jpgraph.php'
PHP ERROR: PHP build incomplete: the prerequisite GD support required to
generate graphs was not built into PHP. Please recompile PHP with the
necessary library (--with-gd)

Thanks in advance,


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