[Snort-users] Updating signatures in IDS policy Manager

Michael.Mulholland at ...9481... Michael.Mulholland at ...9481...
Wed Dec 17 03:03:01 EST 2003


I'm looking some advice on the IDS Policy Manager.

We've been running snort for about 2 weeks now and when i open the policy
manager to check for updates i have only had 2

I'm currently on ruleset version 74, i've checked for manual updates by
right clicking and looking for updates and it appears to check ok

I've 2 queries

1. Am i uptodate with my ruleset version?

2. In the virus ruleset there is a comment telling me that this ruleset is
being actively updated - is this correct?
    If so, how do i get my ruleset for viruses updated

Any replies/comments greatly appreciated

michael mulholland

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